Pop newcomer Stacey Bee has taken the steps to launch herself on the new music scene with a quick succession of melodically buzzy debut efforts by way of “G.R.L P.W.R” and “Fotoshop”. Aside from Stacey’s clear pop intentions, the youngster covers completely relatable topic’s for her peer group which raise the profile of issues, faced by today’s youths. With female empowerment and the pitfalls of using social media coming under the spotlight.

Stacey’s look is quite wholesome, she’s as fresh out of the gate as you can get. And you know what, it’s totally as it should be for the 17 year old.

In support of her latest single “Fotoshop”, Stacey has unleashed a rather sweet video, in which we see the aspiring pop starlet affirming the lyrical content of her popalicious track with snapshots and filter frames of the kind that adorn most teenagers social media accounts. As the clip progresses, we see this idea play out with an increasingly stronger tone in its message.

You shouldn’t take Stacey on just cute value alone. She’s got an astute pop head on shoulders and is a definite role model for her generation. “Fotoshop” is insightful the culmination of all this.