Watch “G.R.L P.W.R” by Stacey Bee

It was just a mere few weeks ago that Stacey Bee came bounding onto the music scene with her chirpy empowerment anthem, “G.R.L P.W.R” in tow.

Yet so soon Ms PYT (pretty young thing) Stacey Bee is back and adding even more definition to this sweetly endearing song of hers. Meaning she’s cut her debut video!

A swing of the hips in the opening title sequence from Stacey, is all that is needed to trigger this movie clip into action. That and Stacey leaping at the chance to pay homage to another of her pop idols, by echoing a little of Britney’s “Baby One More Time” video referencing into the visual mix. In so much that Stacey is living out her cheerleader call for solidarity initiatives, kitted out in a gym slip with her hair tied back in pigtails.

Adorable as it may appear, (as we first learned previously just by the power of the song alone) don’t be tricked by the cute image, because there is far more thought and astuteness going on that what first appears at face value.

Stacey is a full vision of femininity and an extra full pint and a half of sass. And just like the soothsayers have said down the generations, don’t be quick so to judge a book by its cover, because there’s every chance the spirit of Beatrix Kiddo, is lying in wait to kick some serious ass, if need be.

Somehow, suddenly now the appearance of the video has made the song even more smoking now hasn’t it! KAPOW!