Fresh from launching her first foray into pop by way of her kick-ass debut single “G.R.L. P.W.R.”. Budding teen talent, Stacey Bee is quick to pull more pop flavours out of the bag with a swift as you like follow-up release.

Observant to the digital age and how easy it is for the super young to become trophy hunters of follows, likes, and totting up a voluminous amount of Facebook friends. Stacey pours hot water and a strong message for the social media obsessed via her newly unleashed pop-sonic offering “Fotoshop”.

Remember The Chainsmokers hit upon the same message with their techno crazed hit #Selfie? It’s all too familiar a story, but a relatable one. Which is now highlighted by Stacey Bee, but in-keeping with her own breezy and buzzy electro-pop style.

Stacey continues to be the epitome of proving you can be cute as a button plus being worldy wise with ideals beyond her years. A new pop proposition and a role-model to the young under one umbrella. Stacey is taking the cookie-cutter out of a trusted pop formula and baking a tasty pop recipe of authenticity for the millennial generation all in her first two outings.

We like her style, and we’ll say it some more…she’s full of sass!