January can be a slog to get through due to cold weather, short daylight hours and packing away the sparkly furnishings that lit up the festive December days. It’s a very, good thing newcomer, Stacey Bee returns to add an extra dose of pizazz to her recent single “Bad Dancing” (released last summer) with a fun video in support of the song.

The pop starlet is throwing a house party and, we’re all invited along to bop the evening away with her and her friends. To get us in the mood for showing off our freaky moves, the video documents the unfolding, preparations which go on before a small group of bad, dancing friends descend upon the house. We see the young friends choosing outfits, pampering and giving themselves a sparkly makeover before they turn up the volume on their favourite tunes and lark about without inhibitions, dancing not always in time with the music and flexing slightly awkward dance steps and body movements.

What we should all remember is, being the best isn’t always the route to happiness, it’s the taking part and giving whatever you put your mind to your best shot, that produces feelings of joy and pleasure. Anybody suffering from post-festive holiday blues, take a tip from Stacey Bee and friends. Get those happy endorphins surging with tingly merriment by dancing your cares away. Be your own cool. Have the best time doing so always, know there is never a wrong way to have fun, there is only freestyle.

What is certain, we will never have a grey day when we have the colourful pop tunes of Stacey Bee to keep any impending black mood, at bay.

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