Because we are spending more time at home at present. Many of us are reconnecting with our all-time favourite songs as a way of escaping everyday life at the moment. From when she was just a kid growing up, the Jennifer Paige 1998 mega-hit “Crush” has been a particular favourite with alt-pop singer Tinx. The Swedish born, London living singer hadn’t considered covering the iconic pop track before, but…

“When my manager jokingly suggested I re-work it (“Crush“), I gladly accepted the challenge. I got to reconnect with Tylr, (who I worked with on my 1st EP and making this was just easy & fun)… Until I actually, started to ball my eyes out in the studio. It’s not one to sing when going through a break-up. That’s, for sure,” Tinx explains.

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Crush” is one of those tracks, everyone knows. In fact, I suspect most of the EQ readers have probably grown up with the song themselves. The original Jennifer Paige version marks an important, milestone in pop for 30, 40, 50-year-old somethings, it is to us as everything Lady Gaga releases, is to the Millenials of today. If you have the crazy notion of covering “Crush,” you better treat it with care.

What did Tinx do with this chirpy, feel-good and well-loved pop song? She completely altered the tone, making it all kinds of dark, sonically atmospheric and mysterious. As new re-works go, this one is a delectable slice of retro-pop reimagining with a big noughties stamp on it. Because we love the original and this new version of “Crush,” we’ve got Tinx’s lyric quarantine video to show you. The video which, premiere’s, here on EQ Music Blog, shows the singer recording a series of clips of herself at home, appearing every inch the bedroom pop star. The footage is much the kind which ends up on TikTok. Although, I’m guessing Tinx crush doesn’t have TikTok, since she’s shared it to YouTube instead. The effect is still felt the same. It’s a link with self-made, viral video culture which is booming even more because of stay at home guidelines coming in force. The Tinx version of the track takes on board some of the current trends, however, “Crush” still remains as personable and relatable as it ever was.

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