With the end of the year fast approaching and tastemaker season starting to heat up. I have started to think about some of the emerging artists I have written about during the past 12 months. The first artist that comes to mind is the singer-songwriter Ocean Tisdall.

To be honest. In the wake of the pandemic, 2022 has been particularly hard for all pop newcomers. The live music industry is still playing catch-up. A repercussion of this is that it is impacting burgeoning pop acts. With this in mind, the growth in this area has slowed down a little. Nonetheless, I have continued to make new music discoveries that I am excited about. And I am also seeing a good amount of potential coming through.

Irish alt-pop artist Ocean Tisdall has twice left an impression on me because of his powerful emotive songs “White Lies” and “Crying Room“. He has announced he is, geared to release his debut EP, “Boys Don’t Cry“, and has unleashed the heartfelt title track.

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Speaking about the new release, he said, “Boys Don’t Cry” is about how I think society views men when it comes to body image and mental health”.

In this dreamy alt-pop offering, Ocean talks from a personal perspective, when discussing an eating disorder.

“I’ve always been really good at talking about my feelings, but with this topic it just felt so hard.” He explains, adding that when writing the song in the studio with his co-writer seven. “Being able to see the other men in the studio, like my Co Writer & producers, start to relate and discuss their own experiences. It really made me realise that a lot of men go through this but we just don’t open up.”

What makes me love this track? It is such a poignant listen. Another, reason I chose to support this release in particular. In the song, he openly advocates against masculine gender stereotyping and allows a conversation to take place.

My parting thoughts on Ocean Tisdall…
His endearing vocal style and alluring charm are undeniable, and his album is one that I am immensely looking forward to in 2023.

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