Readers. I have a good reason to catch up with Ocean Tisdall. The Irish alt-pop artist brought out a new track, “Crying Room,” just last Friday. Once again, the talented singer-songwriter tugs at the heartstrings because of demonstrating his emotive and astute lyrical skills. Lest I forget, to mention his dreamy, goosebump-raising vocals that captivate at first listen.

At a time when summer anthems and festival crowd-pleaser tracks begin to roll out. Ocean is instead bringing out a sombre, sad pop banger. The song is accompanied by an unforgivingly honest music video that we should all watch. Although, as a caution. I do not advise you take a peek at the clip when tucking into your lunch or hot dinner.

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It was powerful songwriting and wholehearted vocals on the track “White Lies,” that brought him to my attention. Where he demonstrated by being both raw and unapologetic. He is not afraid to go in deep lyrically where necessary. Upon releasing “Crying Room,” I notice, that this is a significant trend Ocean resurrects for the incredible follow-up offering.

Speaking about the new single, Ocean said, “”Crying Room” to me is the epitome of growing up in gen z. Sometimes we allow our emotions to control the outcome of our reality. Its so hard not letting that ruin core memories in our life.”

“I wanted to write about the feeling of being, “that guy” at a party. Depressed & consumed by tears, we often drown others that may be dealing with their own issues but wanting an escape into our own mess. So having a “Crying Room” to go to at these places would have been perfect.”

To his credit, Ocean Tisdall is not shying away from showing everyone his vulnerabilities. Letting down his guard is where the magic happens for the artist-on-the-rise. “Crying Room,” is a triumphant step forward in what could be a breakout year for the stand out newcomer who evokes heart-thumping emotion with his spellbinding pop mastery.

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