Readers, I apologise if you expected me to end the week by sharing a gushy love song in readiness for valentine’s day which is coming up soon. I am not pouring scorn on the cupid fella. It is merely that overtly, sentimental love songs are rarely my thing. You are in for a treat nonetheless. I have a new artist that I picked up on a short while ago, and I have wanted to spotlight on the blog. Up-and-coming Irish pop artist Ocean Tisdall has been making some waves lately. In late 2021, Ocean’s self-written debut single, “Broke Up With My Best Friend,” was on the receiving end of much acclaim.

The realisation that a friendship has drifted apart teamed with the beautiful realness of the track “Broke Up With My Best Friend” truly moved me. Although, I failed to jump on the bandwagon immediately. My curiosity with the newcomer was definitely, more about how Ocean would follow up the excellent, debut single. Today, he’s out with his sophomore offering “White Lies.” (A track I have had my ear on secretly in recent weeks).

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I am hugely excited about “White Lies” and Ocean Tisdall. Let me explain why I am now jumping on the bandwagon.

My first impression of this track is its powerful songwriting. Second, the lovely Irish lilt in the vocal, I am finding it too hard to resist. The track, opens up with the lines, “Why did Billie get it so damn right? I fell into your ocean eyes. I think I’m going to drown this time in your little white lies.” Billie?… Billie Eilish presumably! Do you think it would be interesting to discover how these lyrics came about? I do!

Handily, Ocean has a statement prepared. He explains…

“I remember listening to Billie Eilish’sOcean Eyes” for the first time whilst going through my own breakup and being smacked in the face with an overwhelming sense of “F*ck I relate to these lyrics sooooo much. My ex had the most endearing, blue eyes but was a sucker for those white lies. When writing this record myself and co-writer Seven kept saying, “Why did Billie get it so damn right?” This ended up being the driving lyric that started the whole writing process.”

I usually roll my eyes when a new artist is compared to Troye Sivan or Lauv. This time, I am not making such a gesture. Ocean Tisdall does indeed remind me a bit of both of these artists.

Dreamy vocal chops teamed with incredible songwriting. If you ask me, we are witnessing the rise of a shiny new megapop star. You should be hopping on the Ocean Tisdall bandwagon with me. Are you?…

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