Hurrah, I have so looked forward to this day arriving! Readers, are you curious to know why? The reason that I am in a state of excitement. Today is the debut EP release day of Ocean Tisdall. Surely you folks noticed that I have written about Ocean quite a lot in recent months. This is because I was fell spellbound by his dreamy, alt-pop offerings, those that teased the “Boys Don’t Cry” EP.

In regards to the EP so far. I have taken a look at the songs “White Lies,” “The Crying Room,” and also the title track “Boys Don’t Cry“. These comprise a debut body of work where he has opened up about mental health, crying at parties, sexuality, and acceptance. Now it is time to turn our attention to the EPs final track, “Vintage Dreams.” And where Ocean reveals the song…

“is about someone who makes you fall for them and makes you feel like you have that vintage love that belongs on the big screen. But really they were just the best actor and made you believe they loved you, but really they had alternative motives.”

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The track is especially tender and emotive. So he pares down his pop stylings with this semi-acoustic version. In this song, using a quieter, softer style here, only goes to underscore the emotive weight of his vocals. And of the thoughtful lyrical narratives, he uses to describe the effects of gaslighting in a toxic relationship.

The song “Vintage Dreams” closes out what is in my opinion a non-skip track EP.

Whether you listen to his music through headphones or at a live event. It is fair to say the 21-year-old is already causing quite a stir.

The Ocean Tisdall EP “Boys Don’t Cry” is out via Universal Records Ireland Ltd – Check it out HERE

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