If you didn’t notice already. Recently, I’ve been getting nostalgic for some new and utterly brilliant synth-pop releases to appear. There seemed to be heaps of them around pre-pandemic, but since we’ve started to come out of it. The trend feels as though it has considerably cooled down again. Last week I spotted and was hyped to see the Dallas-based duo PRIZM were teasing their new track “All the Way.” If you have read any of my previous coverage about them. Perhaps, you, too, are similarly enamoured with synth-pop as I am, salivating at the mere thought of new music from Danni and Krisluv?

In PRIZM, I cannot think of anyone who does 80s-influenced synth-pop better than this duo who are back with their long-time collaborator Geoffrey Rockwell. I’m especially happy that I can count on PRIZM to spread some infectious energy and positivity with their new track. And there was really no need to listen to more than a few beats of their track before the uplifting powers of “All the Way” touched me.

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With lyrics that read…

“And when you think of me, thinking of what to say. I’ll always be the one who flew away. Riding on un-pinned wings, reaching for higher things.”

All the Way” is a song that talks about moving on and moving forward.

For want of a better analogy, the A-ha “Take On Me” kick-drum that is really in vogue at the moment is also present in this PRIZM track. However, what this song has that most other 80s-inspired, music offerings do not is a massively authentic sax break. When you are grooving away, living in the moment to this track, watch out for it! In my world, the best Sax solo ever is the Tina Turner 1985 smash “We don’t Need Another Hero” (Thunderdome). PRIZM’s “All the Way” is pretty spectacular as well. Why not take a listen huh?…

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