I consider it was a very good day when I was introduced to the Dallas-based synthwave duo PRIZM. I felt everything about their recent fluro-coloured, release “All Night.” The feel-good vibes, the 80s groove, the retro-stylizing in its entirety. As far as I am concerned the duo’s Krisluv and Danni James have hit upon a brilliant synth-pop avenue to go down. Definitely, with one of our favourite eras in music. These ladies can whisk us far, far away from our troubles in the present day, back to an unapologetically, fabulous, electric period on the music timeline. Taking a nod from Starship, nothing’s gonna stop (us now) PRIZM from gifting new music with the world. This is something “You Should Know” ‘Rona, as my ears are truly grateful to these ladies for forging ahead with their release plans and not putting them on hold.

I am more than ready for PRIZM to colour up my life with their nu-retro take on pop. “You Should Know” provides a healthy sized dollop of funky electro, and by the sounds of things since we last heard from these girls they’ve been on a Paula Abdul and Five Star diet. As they sure have gone proper funkylicious on this new one.

The ladies sing about being “here for a good time.” Truth be known this really is the lyrical steerage of the song. Purely and brazenly about hooking up and hanging out, living in the moment, etc. All of these things feel as though we’ve long taken them for guaranteed, right now. The good times WILL return, friends electric. Until they do, I’m having mad fun picking out various nods to 80’s lyrics and sensibilities in this song. My music senses being especially drawn to “Showing out” (Mel & Kim) and “Automatic” (The Pointer Sisters.) I fear I may have taken my analysis a step too far this time, and may well have added a splash of artistic licence on these lyrics. As possibly PRIZM didn’t have either of the tracks I’ve mentioned in mind when they wrote “You Should Know” and these words just fell nicely into place within the context of the song. I have to admit, I think I made it sound a very plausible scenario, didn’t I?

NOW is the time to dance your socks off to PRIZM so DO IT.

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