If you hadn’t already noticed we are having a very good week with regards to electronic music, and synth-pop. In truth, I haven’t encountered such an abundance of electronic-pop activity coming through on the new music landscape like this, in a long time. I’m sure it, can’t all be due to the effect Dua Lipa’s 80s vibed effort “Physical” is having. It’s too soon, but of course, if this is a new trend, you won’t hear me complaining. With ears starting to twitch favourably, around nu-retro sounds and styles. And, with a revived penchant for all things 80s. I think this introduction to Dallas-based synthwave duo, PRIZM and their new track “All Night” is brilliantly well-timed.

Krisluv and Danni James probably were not so aware of the fortuitous up-turn of this 80s revival they are now spinning head-first into when they formed the duo, though. They became latched onto the sound after working in a variety of genres. Synth-pop took ahold, and they haven’t looked back, instead have hit the ground running with a slew of releases through 2019, including their debut EP. In the week, which is electrifyingly hotter than most, PRIZM drops off, their latest gem “All Night” (via independent synthwave label FiXT Neon.)

When I say PRIZM got caught up in the 80s, it is evident on “All Night” they’ve jumped aboard at 1987 when the synthwave vibe was particularly strong. The duo has been masterful in replicating the energy of Debarge hit “Rhythm Of The Night” amid a wall of candied neon synths. Taking note of the chorus section. The track has the allure of iconic Martika hit “Toy Soldiers.” For once, this is a song where we do not have to go deep into the meaning, which lies behind it. The track has been purposely, written to evoke feel-good feelings. I can confirm it scores high on that account. In the attractive, retro stylised video, it is cool to see, Krisluv and Danni have dressed the part too. Does this mean, big hair and hair bows will be on-trend again, before the end of the year, I wonder? 

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