Happy to report, Nashville based singer-songwriter Myylo is again, back in fine form as he releases his newest, whimsical offering “Skinny Boys“. You know, I love Lizzo for all she has done to bring body positivity into the spotlight through her music. Is there a dude out there calling the same type of shots for the boys? Yes, actually, there is. It is Myylo. His track “Skinny Boys” is particularly cool. It is a body positivity /self-love anthem specially written for the boys and once more showcases Myylo’s smart lyricism.

Offering some insight into his new single, Myylo explains, “I kept scrolling through these societally perfect boys in my Insta feed and feeling like shit about my body. Trust me, I’ve racked up hours at the gym and stuffed my stomach full of protein powder trying to bulk up to look like them. “Skinny Boys” is me saying fuck it to that energy for myself, and for anyone who needs the reminder to love their skinny, chunky/bulky, short, fit, not-fit, tall, curvy, whatever-the-f gorgeous body.”

I applaud Myylo, he might not always nail the style of music that rocks my world. But when it comes to excelling with observational styled lyrics, he is the goal every other quirky songwriter should aspire too. He has the art for balancing playfulness with the appropriate amount of cheeky awareness. He also has a knack when crafting, infectious melodic hooks that like it or not will quickly become stuck in our heads. Let’s not overlook, this is an important song, albeit served with a dollop of fun. If this is the kind of music Myylo makes to help make us feel carefree and badass, he should certainly make more of it.

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