I think I have now written about Myylo enough times on this blog that you’ll be aware he only ever writes bops. He’s quite an extraordinary songwriter to be able to keep the kind of momentum up that he does. Or it is that he is one hell of a funny guy. I think he is both of these things, to be honest. I haven’t spoken about his current track “Cut Him Off” because I had been waiting to see if we might be getting one of Myylo’s speciality, animated lyric videos. If we are getting one, it didn’t arrive this week. And I am impatient to share the track, of course, because the lyrics again, just leave me dead.

What possibly could be making Myylo see red this time out? It’s players and people who get played in relationships. Ill-fitting matches who stay together purely because the action in the bedroom is hot. This is what has his gander-up. The track shares such lyrical gems as “He’s a spork and that’s a dumb utensil.” Which to be fair is the kind of sentence you won’t find anywhere but a Myylo track.

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I have another reason I wanted to share “Cut Him Off” on the blog. I really wanted you all to see the picture of Myylo wearing the most spectacular, knitted unicorn pants. Aren’t they just dreamy, kitsch, all of it? Judging by the admiring comments, people have been posting about them. I hope Santa has got his knitting needles clacking away, I think he will be getting, inundated with requests for these as Christmas presents. Talking about the upcoming end of year festivities, I truly hope Myylo has a quirky Xmas themed track stashed away somewhere. I’m sure if one such offering from Myylo exists. It would truly be a gift for everyone.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyyloMusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/myylomusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myylomusic/

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