The latest track “Love The Lie” by Call Me Loop just emerged in my inbox, on first listen I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, as much as I am.

To be fair, it has always been the style of music, and not the singer’s vocals I have had issues warming too. I rather like it when a singer I’ve been uncertain about suddenly puts out a song which completely changes my mind about them. I had an inkling this might happen with this rising pop songstress (formerly just known as Loop.) The previous single “Give ‘n’ Take” took off in a more pop-centric direction that I could appreciate, and I’ve craved that the singer would keep on building her signature sound in this vibrant, catchy style. I didn’t fully fall in pop love with Dua Lipa until “Hotter Than Hell“, so it’s not unusual for me to feel this way. I guess its that sometimes I sense an emerging artist has got more in them to give, and I’m prepared to wait it out until the moment of glory arrives.

Love The Lie” is all of this, glory moment for me. I think the Latin vibe of the song works really, well. Although could anybody ever go wrong with a Latin-inspired summery groover, the bulk of Shakira’s back catalogue leads me to think no is the answer. After Eurovision, I’ve been prepared to hear Eleni Foureira’s Latin-influenced pop banger “Fuego” played out everywhere. Now Call Me Loop has jumped on the trend and brought out “Love The Lie” I’m up for hedging a bet this song will likeliest, lead to her biggest success yet.

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