In the beginning, I really wasn’t feeling what everyone else was feeling about the emerging singer, songwriter Call Me Loop. I would click with one track but maybe not another for some while. I would, never, not pay respect or commend Georgia Buchanan (aka Call Me Loop) for her work ethic though. I recognise she puts in her best effort to every aspect of her music, I absolutely believe being disciplined and focused is starting to pay the sort of dividends, Call Me Loop has been striving to reach, for a long time. Although, the singer’s current release “Downhill From Here” seems to suggest otherwise. With this song, I feel it is her best effort of the lot. What is more, the track was chosen by her fans, which just goes to show, her fans know, Call Me Loop better than anyone and have good taste.

I have pointed out the vocal similarity with Rita Ora before, which I have seen in glimpses on all of the Call Me Loop releases. On “Downhill From Here” this likeness to the charting pop songstress is slapped right in our ears and noticeable from the very second she begins to sing.

If everything is to be believed of this song, she must have had her fair share of bad romances. She sings about finding love again and expecting all that she has, to unravel much in the same way as it has done so before. How sad that she sticks all the blame on her own shoulders when things go wrong. In her words, she sings “I know this is just one slip from going wrong, knowing me, knowing me. Any second now I’ll be back writing break-up songs, knowing me, knowing me.” The erupting chorus which follows afterwards is exactly what Loop really does need to do more of. It turns the song into the much-needed crowd-pleaser track that she has been determined to clock-up.

Coming on the back of a songwriting credit for The Pussycat Dolls comeback single “React” I think, good favour seems to be shining on Call Me Loop at last. Sending out my best vibes, I hope 2020 is the year she prospers. As unashamedly doing her pop thing, is where it is at for Call Me Loop. And you may quote me on that.

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