I feel as though I’ve been on a journey with London pop newcomer Loop already. I have been introduced to, quite a lot of the singer’s work over some considerable amount of time but haven’t been able to completely fall charmed to the music or singing style because, in parts, it reminded me too much of Jessie J and Rita Ora. To be blunt, I’ve never been a fan of either! A while ago, I saw a glimmer of potential for Loop with the track “Losing My Mind” but then as the emerging artist continued to search for her sound, she seemed to slip back into the comfortable, zone as far as I was concerned. I’ve just wanted to see a little bit more of her, own identity coming through in the music as I haven’t yet felt I was getting enough of a hit of it. The current track “Give ‘n’ Take“, didn’t instantly win me around at first but the song keeps springing up all over the place and lately the catchy chorus is suddenly, stuck in my head.

The bouncy track, produced by London producer Hight (Anne Marie, Lily Allen, Tom Walker, Rita Ora), is styled to feel on trend and the vocals do have a certain Lily Allen style of delivery, throughout the verses. A colourful video treatment is helping to raise the profile of the song with a good dose of vibrancy and sass. And, in so doing feels as though Loop is able to find the direction, where the song, naturally leans. If the singer continues pursuing her entry into the new music scene with songs that have a penchant, for a big chorus and a catchy melody. 2018, is the year this burgeoning pop star will be on the ascent.

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