Without a doubt, post-pandemic, the singer-songwriter pop artist Call Me Loop is releasing the best music of her career. In particular, “Year of the Ex” and “Pattern of Behaviour” are two songs from 2022 in which I noted that she had found her sound. There were plenty of Call Me Loop musical moments to celebrate in 2022. Yet as soon as 2023 arrived, the singer-songwriter took to social media, announcing new music, the single “Walls“. Also, she did not hide the fact the track is her first without management or a label assisting with the release. She always was an independent artist, but this time, Call Me Loop embraces every sense of the word, DIY.

While she does not have the help of a PR team, this campaign has billboards popping up in various locations in London. Therefore, this release is pretty much reliant on being shared via word of mouth. I intended to write about “Walls” anyway since I enjoy the song so much. As soon as I realised the situation, I again recognised the importance that a blog post means for budget-tight musicians and emerging music acts.

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In her songs, Call Me Loop explores love and relationships a lot. The tracks “Year of the Ex” and “Pattern of Behaviour” saw her tackle destructive relationship habits head-on. This is a theme which is picked up again in “Walls“.

“I’m building walls, I build ’em tall. But could you be the one to make me change? I dunno how to let you love me. Oh, am I always gonna be this way?” she declares.

Singing about commitment issues is a topic a little less customary than found in most pop songs. Yet it is her willingness to discuss casual dating and her preference for living in the moment. That does, however, indicate how absolutely, authentic her songwriting is. I am not alone in my admiration of her musical endeavours. Her empowering pop conviction exhibits the qualities of a ready-made force in music. She always goes the extra mile and comes out on top of the pile.

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