The very last time I wrote about the singer-songwriter Call Me Loop was March 2020 with the song “Downhill From Here“. Little did I know when making this comment, “Sending out my best vibes, I hope 2020 is the year she prospers. As unashamedly doing her pop thing, is where it is at for Call Me Loop“, what was to follow. When Call Me Loop released that track, I don’t imagine even she saw it as predicting the future. Nonetheless, by song title alone, this track was pretty much foreseeing what lay around the corner. With fingers crossed, let’s hope the same fate doesn’t materialise as the singer releases “Year of the Ex“, her first track release of 2022.

Having had her tracks featured on the blog on several occasions. I noticed a recurring theme Call Me Loop keeps returning to repeatedly, of being unlucky, in love. Rather than the “Year of the Ex“, how nice would it be if Call Me Loop got her happy ending in 2022.

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Being musically upbeat is another Call Me Loop trend. The latest single fairs no differently in this respect. The vibe is an empowering electro-pop, anthem. Whereas, the lyrics are about learning the importance of prioritising self-worth in a relationship.

Explaining the theme of the song, Call Me Loop shares, “Year of the Ex“,

“highlighted a bit of a bad habit of mine, where I tend to go backwards in love; to the comfort of familiarity, rather than taking the riskier move of leaping forward into the unknown.”

It is fair to say I was slow to catch on to the charm of Call Me Loop when getting started. In the last few releases feel she has found her sound. There is no question that I’ll be much more tuned-in to her music going forward. “There is a whole load of new music” waiting for release, she announced on social media.

I better be ready!

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