Expectations weren’t so shy off the mark, when assuming the collaboration from Zedd and former One Directioner Liam Payne would turn out to be a bit of a banger were they?!

Shocks. I’ll be the first to admit, that I tended not to look beyond Harry Styles and Zayn and I never was particularly struck with One Direction. So you know when I say Liam never really peeped up on my radar, I mean it!

Therefore, it is touching upon a revelation with me that I’m taking notice of Liam Payne’s vocal capabilities now. Also I don’t really, go so hard for what is considered to be possible top 40 hit material as much as I did back in the day. The growth of the internet and digital media outlets provided me choices which are like candy to my new music cravings, especially where electronic pop is concerned.

However, I can’t in anyway be blindsided by Zedd’s involvement here because as expected, all is on point and hitting the right chords of balance – although I don’t consider it to be one of Zedd’s best. It’s the way in which Liam covers this in total control that stands out to me more. So I’m not discrediting anything that Zedd has contributed here but for me “Get Low” has to be more about getting to know Liam Payne as a vocalist.

Let’s put it this way – 2017 seems to be working out as a very good year for the former One Direction member.