I expect some of you have been expecting me to have written about GRIFF before now. When the truth is, I haven’t been ready to write about her. Her production work has rightly been earning her recognition. Her voice is sweet and poignant. She has a lot of positive things going for her. I have been hoping to see her stretch her artistry further. I loved “1,000,000 X Better” with Honne (the previous single) because the track has bolder electronic elements. Needless to say, the team up with Zedd for “Inside Out” takes GRIFF and this direction further still.

Similarly to the superstar producer’s 2012, monster cut “Clarity” which helped to elevate Foxes, I feel “Inside Out” is about to replicate the same results with GRIFF. Being one of pop’s brightest newcomers who is clearly on the ascent, much like many other up-and-coming acts she must have felt 2020 is the year she has been forced to tread water. When it began so promising, with a showcase at booked at The Great Escape and probably much more planned besides. Apart from the wobbly, uncertain bit in the middle of 2020. The release of “Inside Out” gets the momentum on GRIFF back on track, in time for the tastemaker lists getting compiled for 2021.

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Her voice seems so mesmerising when teamed alongside Zedd’s expertly turned out production. Like you’d expect from a pop star with more than a few charting hit releases tucked under their belts. This song is more than a showcase for Zedd to flex his mix and production mastery like most EDM releases, as the lyrics are steeped in purposeful meaning.

GRIFF shares
“This song for me is about any relationship in your life that’s worth holding onto, whether it’s platonic or romantic. I feel like these days everything is about how things look on the outside, and so the idea of loving someone from the inside first feels like quite an important thing to say right now. It’s so surreal for Zedd to want a new artist like me to sing on this track, and I’m just super grateful and excited to be involved in this.”

I hope GRIFF has cleared some room on her sideboard in readiness for the arm fulls of sparkly awards, she seems destined to pick up, by following this promising, trajectory. I pretty much, feel we will be hearing a lot more about her in 2021.

DIARY DATE: GRIFF is to live-stream a live performance from The Tate Modern. 28th, October 2020 at 6pm GMT (Keep an eye on GRIFF’s social media for link details)

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