You may well be wondering what is the matter with me, as I’m writing about a One Directioner again, Louis Tomlinson. Let’s just say, after listening to Harry Styles “Fine Line” and Liam Payne’s “LP1” albums recently, I got to thinking that the guys of the band are far different artists, from their teenage X Factor selves when they first started out. When the hype machine kicks in, it is a real, big turn-off for me. I’ve never thought about Louis Tomlinson in this way though. The elder member of 1D has my utter respect for how he has moved on in his personal life since losing two key members of his family in quick succession. I admire that he feels ready to share “Walls” his debut album.

The title track is the last offering before the solo album drops on Friday, January 31st. Louis solo work has its own identity, which is very different from any of his band member mates. He really seems to prefer the indie style of pop. When I first heard “Walls” the single, I couldn’t budge past the thought… but it sounds like Oasis. And there it was confirmed in the song credits, (thanks to one of Spotify’s latest tweaks) the name Noel Gallagher as co-writer. Strange things happen in pop stars lives, but I hardly think anyone would have predicted such a union.

Louis’s songs are packed with thoughtful thinking, “Walls” carries along on the same wavelength. The track definitely brings on emotions in the lyrics. Similarly, the Charlie Lightening directed video clip covers, poignant, emotive content. Has a surreal art aesthetic (displacement of objects from their normal surroundings.) In truth, everything I’d expect to see in a Hurts music video. Despite the obvious grandeur of the clip, it is the bittersweet track lyrics which stick with me the most. Raw and honest, these are words which cut to the chase about a man who had it all, lost and built himself back up as a better, learned version of himself. An inspirational song?… Yes!

Marking his first full-length record as a solo artist Louis Tomlinson visits Kingston – Pryzm (Greater London) for an acoustic set and Q&A session February 10thJUST GONE LIVE Grab a ticket here

Remember if you missed out on the tickets, well the “Walls” video is still a GOOD watch!

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