It would never be brought into question that the Azerbaijan entry at Eurovision this year, “Truth” by Chingiz would be featured on EQ Music Blog. The moment I first caught sight of the amazingly striking music video which accompanies the song, I was completely mesmerised by it. Couldn’t take my eyes off of it in fact, that it has been a stretch of my patience to wait it out and write this song up as part of our Eurovision 2019 coverage.

Azerbaijan failed to qualify for the final in 2018, so this year they are pulling out all the stops to see that fate doesn’t trip them up at the last hurdle again. Chingiz was chosen as the Azerbaijani participant by an internal national jury vote and not by a weekly heat by heat, selection process. He has been considered a rising star in Azerbaijan for a few years now after winning Pop Idol and also appearing on The Voice, Ukraine. Like most of the contestants in the Eurovision competition who come to prominence through talent shows, Chingiz is pretty comfortable in testing situations or at least he appears confident and in command when on stage. He neither crumbles with the pressures which come with live televised broadcasts. He perhaps has one of the hardest draw spots in the semi-finals next week. He is the final participant to perform second semi-final heats.

The heart of the matter is “Truth” is a big pop song, which embraces otherworldliness as well as danceable, electronic elements. And Chingiz has the powerfully soulful vocals, which brings the light and dark moments of the song together. I like the song a lot but it is the video which takes it that extra mile, for me. What I am really holding out hope for, is that in whatever way possible, the staging uses themes, and characters seen in these supporting visuals. I want to be dazzled and astonished as the otherworldy come to life. I am so eager to see what Chingiz has in store. That I am literally on a countdown for Thursday to arrive.

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