This year’s Eurovision introduced the Czech indie-pop band Lake Malawi to the world. They will be forever remembered for their jaunty, ESC entry “Friend of a Friend.” The Instagram inspired music video for the track and for wearing brightly coloured sweaters. I did not feature the band when writing up EQ’s Eurovision coverage as I didn’t feel “Friend of a Friend” was mighty enough to be a competition winner. Nonetheless, I felt there was, something endearing almost quirky, and in the vein of the Hoosiers about them. Similarly, the new track and video, “Stuck in the 80s” has struck a chord with me, also.

I am especially enjoying that the visual clip has lots of 80s references in it. And of course, the style of the song itself is abuzz with motifs, nostalgia and synths. In my opinion, the vocals are also better on this track. Although, if being honest, I might feel this way because I found the spoken word/rap section of the band’s Eurovision entry cheesy and cringy. This video treatment feels as though the guys have stumbled on to the set of an Alphabeat music video. “Fascination” by the Danish band instantly springs to mind.

It was Eurovision which brought Lake Malawi to my attention. With regards to next years competition (which is being staged in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.) The hype is already starting to build. The theme, and the slogan “Open Up” has been picked. Also, during the last few weeks, the first participants have been announced. Without a doubt, the 2019 competition showed renewed vigour and was the most watchable in recent years. It is not just Lake Malawi who have sprung into action bringing out new music. Competition winner Duncan Laurence has recently released the track “Love Don’t Hate It,” and UK entrant Michael Rice unveiled new single “Somebody” today.

Eurovision 2019 showed me diversity, introduced me to lots of good pop acts, and is back in my good favour again. Roll on 2020.

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