The recent Myylo track “Kissing On Your Dad” hasn’t had time to get old. Yet, the singer-songwriter is back again, brandishing a new and enlightening sad bop. In fact, the track in question “Bored To Tears” could well have been written as the prologue to “Kissing On Your Dad.” The newest offering from Myylo jumps right to the heart and soul of a dilemma surrounding dating other guys. How it feels to become caught up in a moment of physical attraction or just dizzied by a chance encounter. Only to realise after a date or two, you’re not on the same page as one another, at all.

Yes, we’ve all gone on dates like that haven’t we? Where it can be tricky even admitting to yourself that you’ve made a mistake. Let alone dropping the truth bomb to your date because they made the first move and all. And therefore, you know they are more into you than you are of them. In his incomparable way “Bored To Tears” is Myylo’s hot take on hooking up with ill-suited dates, time and time again and wanting to break the cycle.

If all is to be believed of “Kissing On Your Dad,” the boys that came into his life are no match for his affection when he specifically, has desires for older guy’s. In his bright humoured and philosophical approach to songwriting. The Nashville based singer expertly unleashes whip-smart words to impart advice to others who find themselves in a similar situation. “From the minute we hit it, I felt we should be friends. I think I need something different and this isn’t it,” he declares. The track would have been way sadder if we hadn’t already had the gift of “Kissing On Your Dad.” And because of it that we understand there was an inkling of the singer potentially being loved-up on the horizon.

Patrick Naughter has once again stepped up with some added animation in the way of a lyric video. The burning question remains, might Myylo make the leap into appearing in his music videos anytime soon? I have an inkling or better call it, a hunch. If he chose to entertain us in this way, I’d be hype about them.

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