Whoop! Make sure this important date is marked in your diaries as soon as possible, EQs. According to a tweet he sent out recently, Myylo will drop his debut album” Ahh” on the 16th of December. (PRE-SAVE HERE). From the tracks he has already teased us with this year, promoting this album. I feel confident about saying, that we should expect this release to provide us with at least two handfuls of thoughtful lyrical bops. Also that it will namely cover topics where he observes modern life and dating boys, (duh, obviously). And that both quirky and tenderhearted styles of pop songwriting will feature.

His latest teaser track is “Haircut“. The topic here is quite unusual. Since there are no songs that I am aware of, written typically about hair. Although, if anyone can make a song about getting your hair done catchy and memorable and also sound interesting. I do, however, recognise Myylo as unquestionably the correct person with the right skills to handle this.

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In this episode of Myylo’s melodrama, he turns something as simple as a visit to the hairdresser into a cute ode about getting dumped. The song is basically, Myylo letting us know he is not OK and having a tough time emotionally. We learn his emotional outpouring is happening because he allowed his hair to grow out and that he was a little lackadaisical for a hot minute about self-care.

“I remember last September when you ran your fingers through my waves. Now they’re sticking to the broom in some nameless hairdresser’s room, agitating my heartbroken brain.” He laments about both his discarded tresses and his ex-lover.

Folks, make no mistake. This really is the epitome of a bad hair day for Myylo. Perhaps praising him for his songwriting on this new song might help him to feel less sad. Here goes. The songwriting is nothing short of a brilliant mix of whimsical repartee and melancholy feelings in equal measure. He performs and delivers the song like a total pop star. Hopefully, my comments have done the trick. Furthermore, I meant what I have said sincerely.

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