When I say I wasn’t expecting an explosive pop offering from rising singer-songwriter DYLAN, I mean it in a good way. Having been introduced to her music a while ago. I’ve been waiting for the right track to come along (that was in line with our blog coverage of pop, electronic, indie-pop) so that I could write about her. All the more so, because she’s originally from a small Suffolk village that is so close to home for me, it is like living on my doorstep.

The previous music offerings I have heard from DYLAN had their origins ingrained in indie-pop stylings. When singing in a lower register, you might find her vocally similar to, Hannah Reid of London Grammar. What I do know is, since picking up interest with her debut EP “Purple“, DYLAN (Natasha Wood) has been working hard on finding her sound. I also read a comment she made a long time ago, where she said that she would never see her wearing a dress. I don’t claim to be a detective, making observations from the press photo. It very much looks like she is wearing a dress to me. As her ascent into pop skyrockets, it seems everything is getting tweaked a bit.

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Similarly, DYLAN’s hot new release, “Nineteen“, marks quite a departure for her. All begins sounding lovely yet emotive. The build to the chorus where the synths kick in helps to spark the track to life. She currently hasn’t got another song that sounds as huge as “Nineteen” does. The time was right for her to show more of her versatility as an artist, though. As she’ll be needing a crowd-pleasing bop to play at all the new live show’s she’s recently announced. Following her headline gig at Camden Assembly on November 9th already being sold out. Plus just supported YUNGBLUD, which can only have hugely helped to get her name and music out there.

I have always thought she had something special with the songwriting. Upping the ante with a huge pop sound is really her way of announcing her arrival on the pop scene. Do start listening up to DYLAN. She won’t be going anywhere soon but appearing on lots of your playlists and on the radio because of sounding pretty magnificent.

INFORMATION on 2022 tour dates HERE

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