Whenever pop becomes way too serious or gloomy, listening to DYLAN helps to lift me out of a funk mood. In short, her music always get me excited and I have yet to find a molecule of gloominess in her infectiously crafted pop songs. Each track exudes fizz and pizazz, a signature trait of Dylan’s music, it effervesces as a Champagne cocktail does. Why do I say Champagne and not Prosecco? Well, she has had plenty of successes to celebrate this year. With this in mind. Supporting Ed Sheeran on tour this summer was undoubtedly a high point. In fact, for Dylan 2022 is all about high points. The next peak arrives in the form of her first body of work, the mixtape “The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn“, out on October 28th. 

In anticipation of the release of the mixtape. Her latest emboldened pop anthem “Nothing Lasts Forever” just received a suitably chaotic video, reflecting the fickle attitude of the track.

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“‘Nothing Lasts Forever” is one of my favourite tracks on the mixtape because it’s a perfect representation of who I am as a person – straight to the point, honest and entirely chaotic,” Dylan explained of her latest offering.

Adding, “it’s the classic Dylan contradiction of emotions between the lyrics and the track. I wanted to write a happy song about how badly I handle my feelings, and the way that people can walk in and out of your life as they please.”

In all honesty, because of her undeniable pop presence. This year has been her biggest year yet. There is a lot of confidence in her. That ultimately she has been granted a decent budget for the music videos from her record label, Island Records. This bodes well for her going into 2023.

Additionally, the news we just received confirms this. In short, she has some new dates booked with Ed Sheeran on the North American leg of his “Mathematics” tour in spring 2023.

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