I can’t imagine it will be long before Radio One champions DYLAN with something like “Hottest Record In The World“. With her current batch of tracks out, she is firing on all cylinders in a big way. I suspected there be a reason why she is now delivering this much pop dynamite. Not to dismiss any of her talents (because she’s sassy, on-point and honing her skills, impressively). I realise that since she began collaborating with the producer and songwriter King Ed, DYLAN’s music artistry has gone from a flicker of excitement to being lit up by a fuse. Her freshly baked, new release out “No Romeo” along with the announcement of the “No Romeo” EP (out April 8th) keeps this momentum soaring sky high.

Her October and December releases of “Someone Else” and “Your Not Harry Styles” saw DYLAN expand into new territory. Marking her most explosive pop releases to date. I kick myself for failing to see the “No Romeo” Easter egg DYLAN blatantly dropped off in the opening scene of the “Your Not Harry Styles” music video. Her sneakiness, I admire. This is something I will remember because I am certain, I will see her behave like this again.

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Tired of hearing about her best friends getting back with their unquestionable exes. DYLAN wrote the empowering anthem “No Romeo“. She says,…

“The aim was to write an anthem for the late-night drives with the windows down, the shouting at the sea because LIFE, and the screaming crying throwing up heartbreak moments.”

If mentions of the “V” word awake a feeling of disdain in you. DYLAN has dropped off “No Romeo” your anti-valentine anthem for the unromantic or unattached to enjoy.

If there are any doubters in the house, the ascent of DYLAN is happening before our eyes. I definitely see her following a similar path to that of Baby Queen. It is of no consequence, being that King Ed both writes and produces Baby Queen, also.

Can we expect a DYLAN and Baby Queen collaboration before the year is out?… I hope so! Either way, you should earmark 2022 as a big year for DYLAN. She’s gaining ground.

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