Watch “G.R.L P.W.R” by Stacey Bee

Stacey Bee is back, adding even more definition to her sweetly endearing empowerment anthem “G.R.L P.W.R” with an accompanying video. Warning! Just don’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover, because there’s every possible chance the spirit of Beatrix Kiddo is lying in wait to kick some serious ass, if need be.

SXSW 17 FILM Review: Mayhem

Mayhem came out on top for us as part of the midnighter films set this year at the SXSW 17 Film Festival. If you are missing Steven Yuen in The Walking Dead, you'll love him in this horror comedy flick.

Emerging Artist: Nate Austin

Nate Austin has got quite a lot of everything that we look for in an unsigned, emerging artist. Drive, determination and the hunger to constantly sharpen up his skills to take him where he wants to be.

Zeke Thomas – Interview @ EQ Music Live

We couldn’t put on an EQ Music Live event without the key ingredient of a guest DJ stepping in behind the decks. At our February show, headlined by Dragonette the warm-up duties were appointed to Zeke Thomas, whose amazing open format set slayed and had this EQ Music Night partying harder than it ever has before.

Listen to “Beautiful Life” by The Sound Of Arrows

For all those naysayers, who put a blight on pop as being somewhat trivial and throwaway (fair do’s some of it is!) but NOT when it falls to The Sound Of Arrows and the magnificent comeback single “Beautiful Life”. As, happen, the full pop splendour it gives will have you circling back on your thoughts and open to change your mind.

Dragonette – Interview & Live Footage @ EQ Music Live

The mighty Dragonette where the headline performers at our recent EQ Music Live event in February. They sold-out the venue and played the capacity crowd tracks from their decade in pop, through “I Get Around” to “Hello”. We caught up with Martina and Dan afterwards for a chat back stage and they provided us with some entertaining anecdotes and answers.

Emerging Artists: Fake Sibling

If the stirring melodies and sweetly yearning vocal style of London Grammar scored you as a fan. We think it’s kind of a safe bet that in introducing you to emerging Australian trio Fake Sibling you are going to appreciate every bit of their style.

Watch “One More Night” by New Kids On The Block

Even after they’ve been together for some 30 years, we love that New Kids On The Block are still known as the new kids! Granted, the new single “One More Night” is a bit more down-tempo than we’ve been used too, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that the vocals and lush harmonies we know and love them for are still very much there.

Listen to “Bloodstain” by Wrabel

Wrabel is the guy behind the hits of others. We feel pretty soon that his noticeability is going to be on the rise and we’d quite like the powering, emotionally, drenched “Bloodstain” to be the one that does this for him.