Delta Goodrem has truly outdone herself with her latest music project “Hearts On The Run“. The Sydney native singer and performer has captured the nostalgic 80s music style impeccably, replicating the pop aesthetic flawlessly. She took the task of nailing the 80s music aesthetic seriously and ended up with something electric and widescreen, reminiscent of movie soundtracks like “Footloose” or “Flashdance“. It’s remarkable to see how she’s been able to recreate this iconic era of music so well.

Hearts On The Run” is an exceptional song that embodies the essence of momentum and vibrancy. The music is so captivating that it creates a surge of adrenaline that drives you to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. Furthermore, the song’s power to empower you to come out on top is undeniable. In particular, this makes the track definitely worth listening to if you need a little boost of energy to achieve your goals.

Delta explains, “I wrote ‘Hearts on the Run,‘ as a message that it’s possible to tap into an unyielding positivity. Further adding, “The song urges you to discover what you’re truly made of by pushing your own boundaries. This song was made to make me run! Your heart is on the run!”

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Delta had an absolutely phenomenal 2023, marked by a series of impressive accomplishments. Notably, she celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut album ‘Innocent Eyes‘ (which is still celebrated as one of the most successful albums in Australian music history). While touring the UK, Delta also made her mark on the big screen, starring in the #1 Netflix movie, “Love Is In The Air“.

Delta is not only a talented artist but also a long-standing queer icon and ally of the LGBTQ+ community. She advocates for their rights and uses her platform to spread awareness about inclusivity and diversity. In fact, she has announced a main-stage performance at Mighty Hoopla in June.

Her success in 2023 is an exemplification of her talent and commitment. And thus, has left fans eagerly anticipating what she has in store for 2024. Although, there’s no doubt that she’ll continue to make waves and inspire others in the music industry.

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