Since they kicked off their summer tour dates back in August. Additionally celebrating the occasion with the release of the synth-heavy track “Your Side of Town.” It feels wholly appropriate when completing the current run of show dates that The Killers finally unleash a music video for the 80s musically influenced anthem.

I remember at the time, a short video clip shared online, coinciding with the track release. The clip showed images of a showgirl practising dance moves and relaxing backstage. I became curious about where the video went or if they would release it all. This was especially true in light of Brandon Flowers speaking out on the shelving of the album the band had been working on. Namely because he realized it wasn’t what he wanted to make.

I don’t think you’ll see us making this type of music anymore.” Brandon exclaimed in an interview where he chatted about future The Killers music.

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As it transpires there was no lead-up to the video going live, it just appeared with a short but sweet announcement from the band to check it out.

The director, Tim Mattia, did an excellent job of keeping the video dramatic and mysterious, which is fitting for the song’s epic use of synths. The decision to film the video in black and white has added to the overall sense of mystery and drama that the song lyrics suggest. Throughout the video, we see moody clips of the lead singer, Brandon, interspersed with the main story of a Las Vegas showgirl. The video builds up slowly and reaches a climax before the final frame almost fades out. However, there is enough momentum left to deliver an intriguing plot twist. Overall, it is a well-executed video that perfectly complements the song.

I do completely empathize with those feeling down at the prospect of not having synths in The Killers’ upcoming music. The artful music video, however, compensates for it. The band has consistently demonstrated a substantial commitment to producing visually stunning content. Therefore, it is instinctively known that any video The Killers share is definitely worth watching.

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