It seems to me that The Killers front man Brandon Flowers was giving us a very big hint to the soundscape the next Killers album would take inspiration from when he dropped his own synth scaled solo LP “The Desired Effect” a couple of years ago. As on the back of that successfully acclaimed album, the synths have pushed their way to prominence, propping up the first single of the bands upcoming 5th studio album “Wonderful Wonderful”.

Cutting between stadium rock and statuesque synth-pop, the newly serviced track “The Man” is a towering tune, designed of mega proportions and personalised lyrics. The crossover possibilities are also huge with this one, perhaps more so than any other previous Killers release.

The Killers might just be on course to have one of the biggest hits of their 16 years spanned career in music with “The Man”. It’s definitely bold, infectious and impacting. If there was one thing that we noticed whilst taking in the variety of new music during The Great Escape festival, it was that synths and rock seemed to be coming together more and more. The Killers just put the pedal to the metal with this one and in amongst the craziness of rock meets synths there is a core of catchy pop sensibilities to be found.