Most of this year’s Glastonbury coverage passed me by but when whispers began to surface that The Killers were putting in a surprise performance, curiosity set in. Suddenly Glastonbury 2017 began to sound appealing and a scramble down the back of sofa ensued to find the TV remote, in quickety quick time. It took no time at all to become transfixed by the vision of Brandon Flowers totally owning the stage, every inch living up to the pop icon hype.

As I suspect for the majority of people tuning in, the hits were what we wanted to be hearing and the band duly obliged with a set pumped up with some of the greatest, but of course it provided the perfect opportunity to promote current single “The Man” to a massive audience, far greater that the thousands moshing away on Worthy Farm. There were plenty of early evening moshing occurring in my living room and I reckon much the same was happening in a good proportion of households in the UK this Sunday past.

As it transpires,“ The Man” is a tongue-in-cheek ode to Brandon’s cocksure younger self and as The Killers front man joked at Glastonbury, its one with the ladies in mind. Well, I’m not so easily bought by that train of thought but as I have previously stated of the track, it’s bold, infectious, impacting and by far my favourite Killers track of all time.

What goes down in the newly unleashed video? Mr Flowers is having a fun old time playing the ladies man and playing up to stereotypical masculine roles. It’s a tad over-the-top but glam just seems to suit Brandon. Count me as a fan.

Did you catch this Spotify users? “The Man” is one of 60+ tracks on our summer playlist bonanza “This Beat Is Poptronik Summer 2017”. Don’t miss a beat Follow us on Spotify. You’ve heard the top 40, now listen to this!