I wanted to share some exciting news with readers of EQ Music Blog about The Killers. As you may have expected, they have a jam-packed summer schedule filled with festival appearances. Just this last weekend, they stopped off for two days at the Reading and Leeds Festival, where they gave incredible performances. On top of that, they also released a brand new track called “Your Side of Town.” Being The Killers I regard as a high-stature band, I had high expectations for the song – and let me just say, it did not disappoint. It’s an epic and impactful piece that is sure to be of interest among 80s music fans.

I’ve noticed synths are often present in Brandon Flowers‘ solo work (“The Desired Effect“). Yet whenever one of the band’s releases features an 80s influence, I definitely take notice. There’s just something about that sound that causes ears to perk up.

Regarding “Your Side of Town,” I am glad the band got there first and said this…

“It’s got the ghosts of a lot of synth music that inspired us over the years. And yet feels completely our own.”

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When considering sharing my thoughts about the song, I found the statement from the band helped make my observations seem less harsh. Since, listening to the track, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities to the music styles of Petshop Boys (musically) and New Order (melody/top-line). I appreciate some might question if The Killers have sold out their distinctive sound by drawing so heavily from these 80s electronic acts. Nevertheless, I personally believe they are just tapping into a crowd-pleasing aesthetic that will get festival audiences going wild.

Speculation is building among The Killers fandom. I’m also now really excited about the possibility of this sound being featured on The Killers’ upcoming album. Since I can’t get enough of this particular electronic-clash style. I would sincerely, love to hear an entire album with this kind of sound. My fingers are crossed that it happens!

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