What happened. I stopped getting notifications about the production style, pop duo Loote and as a consequence, I have missed out on some stellar releases. It’s a good job they popped up on one of the many Spotify playlists I follow. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been aware of “This Is How U Feel” either. Having just checked out the latest track, I realise it would have been all kinds of wrong if the dreamy, synth-pop track didn’t make it onto the pages of, EQ Music Blog.

Loote, Jackson Foote and Emma Lov put out their first release “High Without Your Love“, in 2017 and have since continued to amass millions of streams. They first made their mark as songwriters, for other artists before striking out as Loote. From to time, the duo still flexes their creative skills for other artists, remixing and songwriting. They even turned up on the 2019 David Guetta and Brooks track “Better When You’re Gone” as songwriters and performers. For their debut EP “Lost” their sound and style saw them take a break from the shimmery synth-pop to explore darker vibes. Seems they couldn’t keep away from the simmering electronic-pop production, after all. The new single “This Is How U Feel” sees the duo jump back into the grooves, similar to those Loote first broke out with.

“We wanted to encapsulate what being IN LOVE feels like in a song. Not just by saying it, but by painting a picture of the emotion, the feeling in your stomach, the situation, the scene.” Loote

True to their word, the duo has created a dreamy melody. Softer edged production from Jackson along with Emma’s airy light vocals help to evoke, the euphoric, heart-bursting feeling of falling head-first, into love. The accompanying music video has a simple pool-side theme but allows us to catch-up with Loote in their feels and chilling out. The one-shot clip (entirely on iPhone) assists with building up the dizzying, ecstasy-like, energy of newly blossoming love. Loote gives us pop music to lift the spirits, tales of modern life and commentaries on love. It is their playful personality as seen on “This Is How U Feel” which endears and uplifts. I am glad this song popped up on Spotify. It is a much-needed sunshine melody providing a beacon of light from the weeks on end of dreary, wet weather we’ve been having all around the UK.

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