Only recently newcomer pop duo Loote introduced themselves with their massive debut single “High Without Your Love“. They waste no time in following-up on the impactful debut with another bright, breezy and pop charged offering “Out Of My Head“.

The duo has previously written and produced remixes for Shawn Mendes, Mike Posner and Lany. They’ve certainly cooked up a signature sound for themselves which pops with a fizz of catchy beats and instantly hooking lyrics. And they are only too proud to show this off on both of their amazing singles.

Loote proves that they are no one trick ponies, but I hope that we’ll get to hear another side of them in the not so distant future. So far, these tracks have served the purpose of creating an impression, now I’m interested to see if they can sustain the foundations they have built by bringing some dynamics into play. If Loote can do that they’ll be real contenders to bring pop to the masses in a big way.

Connect with Loote
Twitter: @lootemusic