Make some space in your summer play lists for some Loote!

They are an emerging, production style duo from L.A. who have had their hands in writing for other artists for a while and are now turning their attention to raising their own artist profile as performers with a pop sensible direction in their sights.

Within a nanosecond of Loote’s debut single “High Without You Love” kicking in, there is no hiding place of what part of the music industry they’ve been working in, being that the modern sound they are going with is peppered with tell-tale clues. Name-dropping Cheatcodes and Demi Lovato’s “No Promises” where the duo are credited as co-writers and producers.

What can be said of Loote is this. They are not going out on a limb but more tapping into what’s already been percolating out there in the pop arena for a bit. Even so, made for radio debut effort “High Without Your Love” has a charm all of its own making and will appeal to pop lovers and EDM aficionados alike.

I can already see this being a major mainstream pop to dancefloor crossover hit because um, yeah it’s pretty banging on both accounts.