Emerging electronic production duo Loote have released a cleverly thought out video in support of their snappy debut single “High Without Your Love” (previously featured and reviewed by us).

If you haven’t got a head for heights, are prone to episodes of vertigo or are vulnerable to bouts of motion sickness it might be best to sit this one out.

The visual concept is relatively simple with all of the action featured around a spiralling staircase. The camera angles marry up as crisp, sharp as Loote’s confidently precise, stabbing production dictates. We are given a bird’s eye view peering down into the seemingly bottomless stairwell, heightening the sense of tumbling down a rabbit hole at every twist and turn. The video does everything to accurately evoke the sensation and emotional state of high, associated with being in the first throes of falling in love.

Down the lens of a camera, it’s rather how I imagine it feels to be shaken up and down inside a kaleidoscope.

Find Loote on:
Twitter: @lootemusic