Boom. Here we go. It’s MARINA time! Everyone’s favourite alt-pop queen just popped up to give us the all-important details we’ve been desperate to hear about. Her fifth studio album “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” is due everywhere on Friday, June 11th. I’m sure you will agree it is an announcement to whet hungry appetites. Thankfully, however, following on from the release of “Man’s World” last year we don’t have to wait any longer for our second taster track. Coinciding with the album and tracklist announcements. The Welsh-Greek singer-songwriter has unleashed a new track, “Purge The Poison.” A spirited offering, that’s undeniably Marina Diamandis in every way.

The release comes replete with a glamorous official music video, but holla! this time, I would like a lyric video arranged pretty, pronto, please. I love that Marina sings with such urgency and passion. The adrenaline pumped melody and the overall frenetic allure of the track whizz around at pace causing the lyrics to flash by at lightning-quick speed. Marina has a huge amount to say, and I really want to absorb all these poignantly profound statements by listening intently. I do feel a little bombarded with the succession of topics being covered on “Purge The Poison,” and found I really needed the quieter slower interludes to take stock, if only for a few brief seconds, before the track races off again.

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I do see what she has done (and she is rather an old master at it.) This is Marina’s way of giving us a jolt. She lights the fuse. Enchanting us one second and bewildering us in another, in the one hit. Urging us to give the song repeated listens and discover something new each time. A full keg of dynamite.

She had me enthralled at… “All my friends are witches and we live in Hollywood. Mystical bitches making our own sisterhood.”

The lyrics I have picked out don’t tell you all you need to know about “Purge The Poison” by any means, but act as a catalyst for the onward sharing many other unfiltered truths covered on the track.

Oh Marina, you whip-smart heroine, you are too precious, by far.

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