New Music Friday, really did seem to be a release day when the JoBros hogged the limelight, or to put it more specifically their leading ladies, Priyanka, Sophie and Danielle. While I thought it was rather lovely of the brothers to celebrate their superstar partners. I am not of the opinion the impact of the song is as the striking music video. I also felt sure the beautiful singer MARINA who was releasing the track “Superstar” from her upcoming album “Love + Fear” wouldn’t suffer too badly in the Jonas Brothers New Music Friday release crush. She too has a wonderfully loyal fandom, who have remained supportive throughout her decade as a pop artist.

When the singer first broke the scene as Marina and the Diamonds I was at my most captivated by her artistry. “Family Jewels” was such a special album, which I felt wholly endeared to. I loved the topics it covered and I was definitely on the same level of thinking when it came to the lyrics, both our outlooks on life and values. The “Electra Heart” chapter was fun, and “Froot” I can dutifully hold up my hands as not understanding what was going on. Having read recent press interviews the singer has given on why she took a break from music. I now have the added insight she was beginning to feel as though she was going through the motions (see the TV Interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy for Channel 4 News.) Perhaps with hindsight, this was the sense of feeling I was intuitively picking up, during these latter releases.

Can I just state, I was as excited as every one of her diamond fans when the singer began to tease her return to music a few weeks ago with the release of album’s first single “Handmade Heaven.” The Sophie Muller music video was breathtaking but I felt I was left craving a little more from the song, itself. With two million views on the video, I am aware my opinion goes against the grain of what most people thought. I also thought there would be other opportunities to write about MARINA stemming from a two-part studio album spanning sixteen new tracks. And I’d much prefer to put my supportive weight behind a song, which I felt completely passionate about.

Newly unleashed single “Superstar” has all of the above, going on for me. Stylistically it’s the signature sound of MARINA I gel with the most. The clarity in her vocals is perfectly sublime. It stems right back to the MARINA I first came to ADORE. The one who was unabashedly left-of-centre shared earnest lyricism teaming these strengths with the purest vocals and thought-provoking narratives about the trials and tribulations which colour life. The softer the melody, the more we can hear her spellbinding goddess-like voice in its full glory, is to my mind, where the singer excels her best.

I can only sit and imagine how special and unmissable Marina at the Royal Albert Hall in May will be to those lucky enough to have scored a ticket to the sold-out show. Cries.

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