I do hate it when a music announcement I have been anticipating breaks and I am powerless to blog about it. Like on Thursday last week, when MARINA dropped the video and the title track of her upcoming album “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land.” What a time to go away on a few days holiday, huh? And also knowing that when I got back, Eurovision would be my most urgent blogging priority. It’s a toughie for a MARINA fan to stall, from writing and sharing my thoughts about her groovy, eclectic, pop offerings I’ll have you know.

I die. The styling of this title track is unabashedly glam-pop-rock. A melting pot of psychedelia in melodic stylizing and trippy, hallucinogenic visuals. While watching the vintage-looking clip, I am feeling very nostalgic, it exhibits common visual tropes similar to those used during the late 70s and early 80s. If I say it reminds me of the opening and closing credits to “Tales of the Unexpected,” I wouldn’t expect you to know what that was. A British TV series that aired during the early 80s featuring tales of horror, mystery and suspense written by Roald Dahl. It was a bit of an odd programme, but at the time it was considered trendy to watch and quite a talking piece. I don’t think TV’s came with remotes when the show first appeared on television. I just watched whatever my parents were watching. TV time, was family, time back then.

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This era from MARINA keeps mining off-kilter pop gems. I consider “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” the most dazzling offering of the lot, thus far. This is the MARINA that awakens my witchedy, like spirit. Empowering, eccentric, topically on-point. The single “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” has it all as far as I am concerned.

There was another reason astute minded MARINA snuck out the title track. Using it to coincide with an announcement of a one night only concert experience. On June 13th 2021 join MARINA and her band playing the album and fan favourites live in the remote Californian desert. (CLICK HERE for ticket information).

The Family Jewels” is my favourite MARINA era but “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” is certainly giving it a run for the money.

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