If you only knew how much I’ve been craving this new “Man’s World” release from MARINA this week. I thought as much from the snippet the singer-songwriter teased out, that the track would be more of the ethereal alt-pop I prefer from her. The eclectic style which makes my heart swoon whenever I hear MARINA coo out her celestial like vocals. I even got excited by the colourful artwork which also appeared prior to the release, being a complete contrast to the earthy visual aesthetic of the previous 2019 album “Love+Fear.”

I love that MARINA is the kind of singer-songwriter who uses her lyrical narratives to open up real conversations on social topics. Lending her voice to empower change, challenge injustice and educate. The general meaning behind “Man’s World” is pretty explanatory. But, MARINA has a lot to say on the topic’s of feminism and equality, she is a champion of readdressing the balance. As the video premiere went live she simultaneously, announced once more. “I’m creating my next project, and this story can only be told by women.” Le sigh – the queen is back to the form, I most admire her for!

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The lyrics of the track are both potent and inspiring. “If you have a mother, daughter or a friend. Maybe it is time, time, you comprehend the world that you live in, ain’t the same one as them. So don’t punish me ’cause I’m not a man.” She also gives a damning reference to the Sultan of Brunei shaming him for the horrific discrimination of LGBTQ people. My, my has her confidence grown as a songwriter since 2010 debut album “The Family Jewels.” I am now feeling the excitement for the next chapter from the Welsh-Greek singer-songwriter, that wasn’t present and surging in my veins for “Love+Fear.”

If you’ve got something important to say, that needs to be said, a good place to shout it out aloud is a hill-top. Like the perfect earth mother, MARINA took hold of this vibe and has utilized it for the “Man’s World” video. Where she is seen flanked by a cast of female and nonbinary performers, who appear dressed in a rainbow of coloured garments.

With “Man’s World” as a teaser of what is being set up for 2021, I have the increasing feeling that I’m going to be a happy place with pop music again next year.

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