This wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card. But wow, I like how GIRLI is really making big waves with her latest releases! I can imagine how exciting it must be for her career-long fans right now. From her empowering feminist anthem “Matriarchy” to her brand new track and music video “Nothing Hurts Like a Girl,” it seems like GIRLI is continuing to push boundaries and create music that really resonates with her audience. Moreover with her upcoming album “Matriarchy” out on 17th May 2024 and tour, there is plenty more to look forward to from this alt-pop icon in the coming months.

Following on from the “Matriarchy” release and notably as she continues to explore her identity in this new track “Nothing Hurts Like a Girl,” GIRLI is totally in her feelings. Only this time, she added even more of a personal touch to the lyrical narrative. Honesty has always been GIRLI’s strength throughout her music career, and she isn’t holding back in this new music either. She candidly opens up a dialogue about her feelings towards her girlfriend.

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The way GIRLI incorporated visual content into her releases is remarkable. The “Matriarchy” video set the bar high. Similarly it’s impressive how she manages to live up to that standard in her subsequent release. It’s worth noting, once more, that credit also goes to video director Claryn Chong, who has an instrumental role in bringing GIRLI’s creative vision to life. Chong’s recent work with GIRLI is a testament to the artist’s candid authenticity, with prominent honest portrayals and well-conceived concepts.

GIRLI kicks off her “Matriarchy” tour, on 22nd February in LA. The UK leg commences May 29th with stops in Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds and Brighton. (Further information, HERE)

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