GIRLI isn’t new news to me but the change in direction, of her current single “Day Month Second“, amounts to the best track she’s put out in the whole three years I’ve been made aware of her. The cyber punkette never hit the mark with me before, because, she jumped on the ship Kate Nash, Lily Allen and Charli XCX embarked their careers on. Frankly while attempting to be innovative as these previously, mentioned out-spoken pop peers. Instead, GIRLI pushed her outlandish ways further, in my opinion coming across rather like the irreverent Brooke Candy’s, younger sister.

Strangely enough, although not the biggest fan of Brooke Candy’s work there is something else that the singers have in common. They have each shocked me by releasing one good song, a piece! Like the time Brooke came through with “Happy Days.” Probably to the dismay of her staunch fans GIRLI has toned down her act a little for “Day Month Second.” She replaces the rap-sing style for a more melodic style of vocal which still has a swagger of tenacity intact.

It is not completely the case of throwing out all of the old though, the fieriness in the lyrics is just as apparent as they have ever been. The underlying purpose of the music is a way of settling unjust goings-on. GIRLI is the middle finger to anyone refusing to recognise inequality. While my ears have been closed to the music before, I cannot say the same of the messages she sends out in her songs as there is truth in most of what she sings, about. The singer started out as a pop shock to the system yet the biggest eye-opening moment comes in the melodically cohesive style of the current break-up anthem.

Having built her reputation as being outspoken with an honest vibe, the accompanying video to the song “Day Month Second” gives a nod to resilience and facing the world head-on. She was never going to be one to slip on a little black dress and let her wrong-doer see what he’s missing. Calling him out on the street backed up with her posse of girlfriends is far more millennial thinking for this radical pop star.

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