GIRLI isn’t someone whom I have written about often. Once in a while, she puts out a track that grabs my attention in more ways than the powerful, signature styled statement-making lyrics and raucous delivery she is noted for. Since setting about infiltrating the music world in 2015, she has realised that you don’t always have to shout to get yourself heard. Although the cyberpunk attitude still remains intact, she has opened up the boundaries a bit in regards to the new music she is now putting out. Like on the latest track, “Dysmorphia“. Which tackles the topic head-on and where the singer/songwriter explains her struggles with the condition.

First up, I approve of the GIRLI track “Dysmorphia” for its open, honest lyricism above all else. The boldly pulsating electro-pop vibe has helped with getting me totally on board with the release. What is interesting to me is when GIRLI does push forward with a cross-over into pop or the electronic-pop territories. She does so, really well. That it feels to me as though I am listening to a completely different artist. I like that she musically mutates in this way. It keeps everything interesting and fresh. A bit similar to what Rina Sawayama shared on “SAWAYAMA“, but then again, quite different to that.

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Breaking down the track, GIRLI explains,

“In the chorus, I sing ‘don’t tell me to love myself more, I wish that it was that simple’. There’s so much misconception & misunderstanding about eating disorders and body dysmorphia. A lot of the time people, think they can advise you on how to get away from the incessant, self-hating thoughts when they have no idea what you’re going through in your head.”

She hasn’t dealt half-measures on the music video either. The clip is as colourfully shock of pink vibrant as the track itself. And where GIRLI attempts to keep her demons at bay, but they have a nasty habit of sneaking up on her nonetheless. Much as the lyrics of the track explains. GIRLI is rad and feisty about setting the record straight on many things of significance and importance. If when listening to the music or watching her videos you don’t feel a little uncomfortable then you are not quite getting it/her as you should.

GIRLI has announced a tour for November and December 2021 – Buy tickets HERE.

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