I have come to the conclusion Steve Aoki is quite unstoppable in putting out the juiciest of tracks. His remix work is held in high regard, and he’s certainly no stranger as a collaborator with some of the biggest names in pop. Just this year, I’ve picked out the DJ/producers tracks with Dagny (“Hit Your Heart”) and Darren Criss (“Crash Into Me”) to write about. And here I am writing about the celebrated one again because his latest project “Let It Be Me” sees him team up with the Backstreet Boys.

Believe it or not, I am gagging for a proper good, man band track, it feels such a long time since anything of the like has perked up my eardrums. Above all else, I do miss the harmonies. It really is a joy to note after all these years, Backstreet Boys are still going strong. Are enjoying much success on tour in support of their latest album “DNA“. It has to be said the team up with electronic music powerhouse Steve Aoki puts the Backstreet Boys front and centre of the EDM arena. Aoki’s expertise is such, that instead of allowing these dreamy, swoonful voices to be swamped by all the trappings of a melodic dance track. He is careful to pare back, allowing these distinguished, silvery voices to tell a tender story through the song.

The song alone is a category one, pop stormer. Pair it up with the freshly released music video, and it goes up several gears. The clip features shot to camera pieces, highlighting the real-life struggles four people have lived through for the ones they love. We WILL feel our heart being tugged at, from beginning to end. Somewhere in the middle, appearances from Nick, Howie, Kevin, Brian, AJ and Steve breeze in to keep our spirits lifted. More importantly, this is an EDM track with a real heart, a strong message, thought-provoking, all of that. Plus, “Let It Be Me” hasn’t come too late, to be crowned, the song of summer. An accolade, I think the track rightfully deserves.

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