So, the holiday season was relatively lacklustre in terms of new music releases. In that, there weren’t any big music surprises forthcoming during the holidays. For example, the release of a new Sugababes album, as we saw in Christmas 2022 with “The Lost Tapes“. However, in my first blog post of 2024, I wished it to have some wow factor. I’m pleased to report that owing to a last-minute release from Nick Carter, it does rather miraculously live up to that expectation.

As I merrily saw in the New Year with the splendid Rick Astley television special. There was something else that also caught my ear, excitably. Namely, meanwhile, over the pond, Nick Carter, a member of the Backstreet Boys. (Presently, amid his solo tour ‘Who I Am’). He just released the superb new track called “Never Break My Heart” (Not Again) in time for his Latin American leg starting today. Somewhat sadly, no plans for European dates were announced yet, but neither should be ruled out entirely. (There is always hope!)

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Without question, Nick Carter’s dedication to his music career is truly awe-inspiring. Despite facing personal tragedies, he released his fourth original song in 2023, “Never Break My Heart,” and continues with his tour commitments. This level of professionalism is what makes him stand out as a musician. His Billboard interview last summer promised a tour made up of some of his favourite 80s and 90s songs, including Backstreet Boys, hits and solo tracks. And he has stayed true to his word. The latest solo endeavour is all the more poignant when one understands some of the adversity Nick has endured. In light of the recent death of his sister, it is especially astounding this track survived becoming pulled at the last minute. Moreover, “Never Break My Heart,” a powerhouse track, has risen unwittingly as an anthem.

Yet, even more important than releasing his best track in a while. Let’s appreciate that as an artist balancing personal struggles alongside a professional career, Nick is a true example of resilience and perseverance.

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