I did not know this. But because of being sent details of the latest Jakk Fynn track, “Let It Go“, I also found out that he appeared in the music video for the Kat Cunning track “Boys“. (I wrote about it recently on the blog). How did I not spot him? (kicks heels together and throws up hands into the air). I digress. I was contacted because Jakk has a new track out, “Let It Go“. It is more musically upbeat than the previous tracks “Fire” and “Heal” I have covered on the blog. Jakk wrote this track in early quarantine when the isolation and loneliness really started to hit him. As with most of us, he was stuck at home, dreaming of a night out.

Getting the music/entertainment venues back up and running felt long and drawn-out. “Let It Go” is where Jakk shares his experiences at the time…

“Like a lot of people, the lack of socializing in person really impacted my mood. I’ve always struggled with ‘fitting in,’ and I’ve found that communal spaces can be therapeutic and provide a sense of belonging” he says.

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The worry was. We were sitting at home being in our heads. Feeling things like isolation, loneliness, frustration and boredom. Not good at all. The track came about because given the circumstances. Writing a danceable bop seemed the right thing to do. To uplift and give us something to move our bodies to on the dancefloor. Ready for when the opening up of venues and entertainment events got the go-ahead. I say this, do these things when you feel ready. Everyone has their own pace when getting back to normalcy. It is OK to feel a little overwhelmed or anxious. Brothers and sisters, we have been through a lot. However, you are feeling. The accompanying music video will immerse you in a flood of emotional responses.

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