The song and video for “Fire” by Jakk Fynn really, caught my eye this week. The singer who identifies as transmasculine has delivered some compelling, visual footage in support of his bold electronic-pop anthem. The release is also armed with an important message. Whereby the track, challenges toxic social narratives and celebrates breaking the mould in a rigid society. When I gave the Maddy Talias & Meghan Luck directed video my first look, I couldn’t stop watching the clip because of the intensity I felt, and the provocatively, stimulating imagery which met my eyes.

We see a room full of people, lined up in a queue all identically dressed in plain white gowns, in the footage. The white ambience gives off a clinical feeling. As though the individuals are being examined, and scrutinized. Soon afterwards, we realise, that in the cold light of these sterile surroundings. This group of human beings are being branded with symbols, painted at the discretion of an emotionless robotic arm. Thus opening up a discussion about authenticity, identity and acceptance not only of others but of ourselves as well.

Jakk says of the video’s message: “We believe society would be better off if we learned to promote and celebrate individuality instead of persecuting each other for our differences. The road is long to effectuate change within systems, but much like the inhabitants in “Fire,” we can all employ daily acts of rebellion to advocate for ourselves and each other to shape a better tomorrow.”

The release is purposefully honest. A track laced with poignant lyrics and depth of narrative. Jakk Fynn weighs his words wisely and as the lyrics sink in, the artistry which draws listeners toward Jakk comes to light. It is clear that he writes, and sings, about topics that he truly cares about. There is much that can be learned from Fynn’s sincere, profound approach on this track. Not least, finding that “Fire” is incredibly intoxicating, throughout all of its facets. A highly rewarding piece of work for this emerging artist.

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